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Friday, July 5, 2013

CPWD Planning Application (CPA) 2013

CPWD Planning Application (CPA) 2013 is now available for download from the following link

CPWD Planning Application (CPA) 2013 setup file download link

Double click the setup file to install the program. Click Start->Programs->CPA2013 to start the program. Then enter admin as the password in the login form to open the program. The password can be changed from the Tools menu if required.  Please read the help file and power point presentation to use the program effectively.

Some important new features in CPA2013 are

  1. Now activation code is not required to run the CPA. The setup file downloaded from above link can be used to install and run the CPA on any number of computers without the requirement of activation code.
  2. Two types of security is provided. The admin user can use DSR items but cannot modify them. The dsrmanager user has full control and can modify, add or delete the DSR items, basic rates and DAR analysis of rates.  The password of dsrmanager user and admin user can be changed from tools menu after logging in the program with that user name.
  3. The DSR reports i.e. Basic rates for DSR, All DSR items and All analysis of rates of DAR can be previewed and printed or exported to PDF format for ready reference.
salient features of CPA2013
  • Modified DSR items and Non Schedule Items can be entered including analysis of rates, so that the analysis can be used for the justification of rates. To reduce typing work the item and analysis of rate data from another existing item can be copied to other items and then modified as required.  The analysis of rates of modified DSR and Non Schedule items can be copied to the estimate, so that when the estimate is sent another office the justification can be done for these items even though the analysis of rates of these items is not present in the master database of that office.
  • The modified DSR and Non Schedule Items and their analysis can be copied from estimate to the master database.  Using this feature the modified DSR and Non Schedule items and analysis can be copied from one Master Database to the other Master Database.
  • There is flexibility in feeding the analysis of rates to enter mathematical formulas, sub analysis items etc.
  • Items are listed in the descending order of percentage of estimated cost along with the cumulative percentage, so that the items up to 90% of estimate cost can be selected easily for justification. If the user does not want to enter the analysis of rate for non schedule / modified schedule items, then the justified rate can be directly entered for justification. The program indicates by color coding the user entered justified rates.
  • Percentage of each item is worked out and bar chart is displayed and it can be sorted by the user. This gives an idea of weightage of different items in the estimate. Percentage of schedule items over the total estimated cost is also displayed as a bar to give an idea that the program is dominated by schedule items or non schedule items.
  • Reports of abstract of cost, detailed estimate, list of basic rates for justification, comparative statement, justification statement etc. can be printed in the same format as being used in the department including the (designations) stamps of offices.
  • There is an option to enter the required estimate summary e.g. VAT, LWC etc. in an excel sheet and to generate the Abstract of Cost and Detailed Estimate reports using this estimate summary from the excel sheet.
  • All DSR items, all DSR basic rates, all DAR analysis of rates can be previewed and printed or exported to PDF format for ready reference. There is a menu option in the main menu for this purpose. Th DSR items can also be exported to excel.
  • Two levels of security is provided. The DSR items, DAR and basic rates for DAR cannot be added, deleted or modified by the admin user. The modified schedule items, NS items and analysis can be added, deleted or modified by the admin user. Apart from this, the data which is stored in master database like cost index data, contractors data etc. can be created and modified by the admin user. This has been provided to have better security and to avoid any change in the DSR, DAR and basic rates for DAR either intentionally or unintentionally. The dsrmanager user has full control over the program and can modify, delete and add DSR items, DAR analysis and basic rates for DSR. If any correction slip is issued for these, the changes can be made by the dsrmanager user or it may be incorporated and may be made available on CPWD website for download.
  • Estimate can be created from a template file, so that the commonly required options can be stored in the template to save time.
  • Back up of estimate can be created and all the files are neatly organized in folders.
  • The items can be filtered based on item type, selection, subhead, words in the description of the item and the filtered items will be displayed in the table.
  • Estimate, schedule of quantities for NIT, list of basic materials can be exported to excel compatible spreadsheet. After receiving the market rates in spreadsheet, the market rates can be imported from spreadsheet for justification.
  • Color highlighting is provided to easily identify the DSR, Non Schedule items, selected items, items with quantity blank etc.
  • NIT including CPWD-6, CPWD-7/8 form and schedule of quantities can be generated in word format. The user can edit the template file to modify the NIT template as per the requirements. It can be later used for preparation of tender documents.
  • The user can create other word format template files eg. covering letters, tender forwarding memo, TS memo etc. using the parameters defined by the program and user defined parameters for creation of other reports in word format.
  • Program comes with a word compatible component and excel compatible spreadsheet component so that the reports can be viewed and saved evenif MS office is not installed. The saved documents can be opened in MS office 97-2003, 2007,, staroffice. This gives better compatibility, as this does not impose restriction of specific version of MS office for import and export of excel and word reports.
  • The estimate prepared on one computer can be viewed, checked and edited from another computer connected in network.
  • The total quantity and amount of basic material and labour is worked out. The basic material and and labour required for each item and the itemwise break up of the basic material and labour can be viewed.
Thank you

V. Jithender Reddy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Powerpoint Presentation for CPWD Planning Application

Hello All

I have created a power point presentation to kick start the CPWD Planning Application. The PPT shows the various steps to create estimate, NIT, Comparative Statement, Edit Modified and Non Schedule Items, Justification etc. in a lucid way. I have also mentioned certain useful points in the PPT. You can download the zip file containing the power point presentation and a pdf file of the hand outs of the PPT for print out from here

I suggest to go through this power point presentation keenly to get most out of the CPWD Planning Application. After viewing the PPT view the video tutorials to master the CPWD Planning Application. CPA has powerful features for analysis of rates of almost any type of item. Once, you master the CPA, you can create the NS, Modified Schedule Items with Analysis of Rates quite easily.
Use the following procedure to download the files from the links provided on this site.

After clicking on a download link, a web page opens. On this webpage look for a link 'request download ticket' as shown below:

After clicking on this 'request download ticket' link, another page opens. Look for the download button on this page as shown below:

After clicking on download button, the following message appears on the webpage.

Click on the please click here link to download the file.

V. J. Reddy

Monday, March 28, 2011

Master Database with Correction Slip No. 9 to DSR 2007 (CS1 to DSR reprint 2010) and upto Correction Slip No. 6 to DAR 2007 (CS1 to DAR reprint 2010)

The latest master database file incorporating upto the Correction Slip No. 9 to DSR 2007 (CS 1 to DSR reprint 2010) and upto Correction Slip No. 6 to DAR 2007 (CS 1 to DAR reprint 2010) can be downloaded from the following link

After downloading the file please unzip, and follow the instructions contained in the file How to update CPA Master Database EstMastero07 with _latest_Correction_Slips.html to update the master database. Updating your master database will not change the NS or mDSR items and only updates the DSR, DAR and BasicRates of DSR. The time required for updation may vary from 200 seconds to 900 seconds. Hence, please wait when the program updates the master database

V J Reddy